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How do I make a Bulk Faster Payment?

Step A.  Navigate to the create Bulk Payment screen
Select Manage Bulk Payments from the left-hand menu to navigate to the Bulk Payment index, then select the set up a new Bulk Payment link from the options listed.

Step B.  Enter the Payment details (Fields marked with * are mandatory)

1. *Debit Account
Specify the Debit Account you would like to use to make the payment. You can use the magnifying glass (account search facility) to select a valid Debit Account.

2. *Payment Reference
This is your reference for the payment and will appear on the statement of the debit account used. For Bulk Payments there could be more than one beneficiary and it is generally good practice to use a supplier or payroll reference for easy identification of the transaction on your account.

3. *Payment Date
The Payment date is the date you are instructing the bank to debit your account and send the payment(s). The default is the ‘Now’ option, meaning the payment(s) will be sent at the earliest opportunity, but first will need to be fully authorised. To specify a particular date, select the ‘On this date’ option and either click on the calendar to select a date or enter the new date manually in the correct format.
Note – when Future Dating a payment, it must not exceed the maximum Payment Diary duration as set by your Administrator.

4. Save payment as a template
Select this option if you wish to save the Bulk Payment you have created as a template. This allows you to re-use the same Bulk Payment in the future without the need for re-keying all of the payment details.

5. Template name
If you have selected to create and save the Bulk Payment as a template, you will need to specify a unique name for the payment template.

Step C.  Enter the Beneficiary(s) details
You are required to specify at least one beneficiary in the beneficiary list of the Bulk Payment. You can do this by adding an existing beneficiary from your Manage Beneficiaries or add new beneficiaries.

6. Add a New Beneficiary
To add a new beneficiary to the Bulk Payment, select the ‘Add a new beneficiary’ option and complete the following details.

6A. *Beneficiary Name
Enter the name of the beneficiary you want to pay. 

6B. *Beneficiary Short Name
Enter the preferred short name of beneficiary you want to pay, this is referenced in the Bulk Payment.

6C. *Beneficiary Sort Code
Enter the sort code for the account of the beneficiary.

6D. *Beneficiary Account Number
Enter the account number of the beneficiary.

6E. Save in beneficiary list
Select this option to save the beneficiary specified in your beneficiary records (found under Manage Beneficiaries).  Note - if selected, please allow up to 2 hours for the beneficiary details specified be added to your beneficiary records in the Manage Beneficiaries menu.


Once you have completed entering the beneficiary details, select Continue to review the details of the beneficiary specified and select Continue again to return to the main Bulk Payment instruction.


7. Beneficiary Payment Reference
By default the Payment Reference already specified will be used as the Beneficiary Payment Reference, but you can specify a unique reference for each beneficiary if required. 

8. *Payment Amount
Enter the amount you wish to send to the beneficiary and use only numerical characters, ensure a decimal point is used to distinguish between pounds and pence e.g. 50.99. Bulk Payments can only be sent in GBP.  Note – the total amount specified for all beneficiaries is what will be debited from your account.

9. Add Further Beneficiaries
To add further beneficiaries to the Bulk Payment, continue the steps listed above.

Step D. Review the payment and Confirm
Check all payment details are correct and then press the Continue button at the bottom of the payment instruction. If all payment details are correct and pass validation, you will be taken to the Confirm then Summary screens and from which the payment will required full authorisation before it can be processed.

If you do not wish to proceed with the payment you can select CANCEL payment or SAVE PAYMENT as incomplete.

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